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CET is a utility token that fuels the Carbon Earth ecosystem. It is primarily used to fund decarbonisation projects that produce the highest yield of carbon credits. The carbon credits are certified, tokenised and distributed to CET holders through staking pools.

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Token distribution

Carbon Earth will use exchanges as launchpads to distribute approximately 10% of CET into circulation in the first year. 60% of CET will be locked and distributed in tranches over the next 10 years in decreasing volume. 10% of CET will be used for institutional deals. The remaining 20% will be used for reserves, operational purposes and staff incentives.

Locked tokens and vesting


Carbon Earth has implemeted the following mechanisms to moderate supply and support the price of CET

a) Carbon Earth will partially burn unsold CET per tranche, before the subsequent tranche is released into circulation, to reduce over-supply.

b) Our investment portfolio will produce a fixed volume of carbon credits that increases inline with the sale of CET. As such, any price reduction of CET will increase the USD denominated yield which will create a demand zone for CET, offset the selling pressure and provide price stability. Any price appreciation of carbon credits will positively impact the CET yield and subsequent price.

c) Undistributed CET in the Carbon Earth treasury will not be staked to dilute the staking pools, so the yield per CET in circulation is not negatively impacted.

d) Market making strategies will be used to moderate the supply of CET when each tranche is released.

e) Each tranche will have a decreasing volume of CET that is supplied at increasing price increments to ensure that supply and demand for CET remains balanced at each price floor.

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