Carbon Reduction Finance with
Real World Asset tokenisation

A verified and trusted source of carbon credits

CET is an ERC-20 token that is native to the Carbon Earth ecosystem, created to provide a convenient and efficient way to acquire and transfer a perpetual yield of tokenised carbon credits.

Tokenised Carbon Credits are smart contracts to streamline processes and create an ecosystem that allows seamless transactions with robust governance and  transparency.

“Bringing innovation to sustainability”

What we do

Carbon Earth provides a wide range of services to help our clients reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability. Our services include:



Perpetual Yield

End consumers can earn a perpetual fixed or variable income of carbon offsets that can be used or converted into fiat currency.



High Quality

A vetted source of high quality certified tokenised carbon credits that will be distributed to CET holders.




Funding for new innovative decarbonisation projects to increase the yield of tokenised carbon credits.




Provide existing decarbonisation projects with almost instant cash inflows with little or no input.



Simplified Transactions

We simplify payments for direct purchases of carbon credits, transaction flows, and transfers of CET.




Our blockchain technology provides strong guarantees to ensure governance, security, transparency and automation.




We provide secondary market liquidity for carbon credits and CET, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for our clients.

Our Clients

At Carbon Earth, we work with a wide range of clients from across the business spectrum.  Whether you need protection from carbon emissions restrictions by securing a perpetual income of carbon credits, require an instant supply of carbon credits in the short-term, looking to monetize your existing decarbonisation capabilities or need funding for a new decarbonsation project.


End consumers can earn a perpetual fixed or variable income of carbon offsets that can be used or converted into fiat currency.


The upside exposure of crypto,
backed by a perpetual inflow of
appreciating assets.


Easy and convenient way for
individuals to offset their carbon
emissions or sell carbon credits

Existing Projects

Verification, certification and
tokenisation of carbon credits to
monetise existing decarbonisation

New Projects

Funding for new and innovative
decarbonisation projects

“Carbon Earth is revolutionizing green investments through blockchain innovation that transforms carbon reduction into a lucrative financial asset and ensures profitable investments that simultaneously contribute to a sustainable planet”

Carbon Earth

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